Deep experience
to drive results

Our extensive experience, partner-first mentality and results-driven approach is at the core of how we help businesses grow.

Our difference

100% VantEdge Partners’ Capital

The capital we invest is our own, increasing efficiencies and resulting in tailored solutions.

Deep Experience

We bring 60+ years of transaction experience and 55 investments exceeding $25 billion in market capital.

Committed Partners

We are committed to a partner-first mentality, working together with management to create value.


Our approach creates lasting results for the businesses we invest in.

Our investment focus

$20-$75M Initial Equity Investment

Our initial equity investments range from $20-$75 million or involve a strategy to deploy that investment as a company grows.

Flexibility to Invest Additional Capital

Our structure allows us to invest capital as necessary to help companies grow and weather storms.

Control Equity Investments

We consider minority investments when shared with a trusted group of co-investors.


We focus on industrial, distribution, business services, restaurant, sports, infrastructure, technology and consumer investments.